Climate Controlled Storage

When you choose a storage unit that provides climate control, you’re making sure your belongings are protected against extreme heat, cold and humidity.

Climate controlled storage is ideal for storing things such as:

  • Antique BooksArtwork
  • Antiques
  • Wooden, metal or leather furniture
  • Important documents
  • Electronics
  • Books and magazines
  • Musical instruments
  • Photos and films
  • CDs, DVDs and old cassette and VHS tapes

It’s important to note the difference between a facility offering climate controlled storage and “temperature controlled storage.” They might sound similar, but there’s a critical difference.

Upholstered CouchItems such as wood furniture, wine, clothing, artwork and upholstered furniture are all at danger from mold or mildew if humidity isn’t kept under control.

Climate controlled storage units tend to offer better air quality, as these facilities continuously circulate their air. They also offer an added barrier against dust and debris.

Delta Storage offers climate-controlled storage units of all sizes. Whether it’s a small locker for items that won’t fit in your home or a larger space to keep important records for your business, you’ll find something here to fit your needs.