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New Tenants

What sizes are available, and how do I pick my size?

Self storage is always an individual choice and at Delta Storage we have storage units that fit every need. We are here to serve YOU so please let your Delta Storage Advisor know what goods you are storing and we’ll take it from there.

What is a climate control unit?

Climate Control can mean many different things in the Self Storage Industry but at Delta Storage it means Heat and A/C. Not just a fan or open fresh air vent – so DON’T be fooled.

Can I transfer to a different size after I've moved in?

Of Course, we at Delta Storage are here to serve YOUR needs. Whether you need more space or less space just let us know.

Is there a minimum time that I must rent a unit?

The standard in the Self Storage Industry is ONE Month – that’s it!

Do I have to sign a Lease?

An Occupancy Agreement is required, BUT DON’T WORRY, if you like we can make your rental Month-to-Month. NO Long Term commitment required here!

What kind of identification is required to rent?

In an age of security we take it very seriously so we require SIX POINTS of ID. That is typically a Gov’t Issued Photo ID and two more forms of matching ID. Please try to have this ready at the time of your rental – so let’s get started!

Do I need insurance for my stored goods?

The nature of Self Storage in the U.S. is that your goods are NOT insured. However, Delta Storage sells insurance so you don’t need to find a policy on your own. But also check with your Broker and you may be able to do so on your homeowner’s or business policy.

Do you offer storage insurance for my stored goods?

YES, Delta Storage offers insurance with many levels of coverage.

Do you have outdoor/indoor vehicle storage?

Yes at some of our locations we have BOTH. Ask your Delta Storage Advisor what is available at your location.

Do you rent parking for RV/boat/car/motorcycle?

Some of our Storage Centers can accommodate RV’s/ Boats/ Cars/ and Trucks. Ask your Delta Storage Advisor which options are available at your location.

Do you offer 24/7 access?

At some of our Storage Centers we do allow 24/7 Access, just ask your Delta Storage Advisor and they will guide you on our 24/7 policy (additional charges may apply).