Jersey City’s Rent Control Law: Will You Need Self-Storage Options?

We’ve seen stories in the news over the past year about Jersey City Council considering rent control legislation.

And this got us thinking about the number of apartments in the city and about the sizing of the available housing around Jersey City and the potential increased need for Jersey City storage options.

Jersey City is a city of renters, with nearly three-quarters of the city’s residents living in rental properties.

And those renters are struggling, with some giving up anywhere from 30 to 50 percent of their income to stay in their homes.

That’s according to findings by a group of Jersey City Council members who are pushing for reforms to the city’s rent control laws.

New legislation under consideration would create protections against intimidation and harassment from landlords. It also requires landlords to include details about rent control in lease agreements and expands rent control to cover companies that own more than 50 units of housing.

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