Self Storage For Today’s World

How We Reimagined Today’s Storage Solutions

When you think of a self-storage facility, what comes to mind? Dim? Dingy? Dare we say, “sketchy”? No one looks forward to dropping off or picking up their belongings at a place like that. That’s why we’ve reimagined today’s storage solutions in a vastly different and much happier light – one designed to make you feel comfortable, safe, and welcome. Continue reading “Self Storage For Today’s World”

Extra Storage Space At Your Convenience

What Does Convenient Storage Space Look Like?

Whether you need self-storage space for personal or business use, convenience is often a top decisive factor. After all, no one wants to jump through hurdles or invest more time and energy than needed to secure a unit and access their belongings or company inventory. Continue reading “Extra Storage Space At Your Convenience”

Brooklyn Drive-Up Inside Business Storage

Immaculate & Secure Indoor Drive-Up Business Storage Units in Brooklyn:

You may be familiar with drive-up storage units where you pull a vehicle next to or inside a garage-type space to load or unload your belongings. However, many of these units are located outdoors, exposing you and sensitive business items to the elements, and reducing the security and comfort that you’d receive with an indoor unit. For these reasons, many companies tend to shy away from drive-up business storage, even though it could help them manage retail inventory better and address pressing storage issues.

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NYC is Back: Businesses Weighing Their Options

NYC After COVID-19 Delta Self Storage

Just in time for summer, NYC has begun slowly emerging from COVID-19 shutdowns with a hopeful determination to recapture the essence and culture that defines our great city. Restaurants, manufacturing and construction firms, offices, retailers, and other businesses are beginning to buzz once again – albeit with a different flavor than before. 

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Restaurants Reopening in New York: Pivoting to Make It Work

Restaurants Reopening in New YorkAs New York slowly begins to resurface after COVID-19 shutdowns, we’ve been keeping a close eye on our beloved restaurant scene. With Phase 2 of restaurants reopening in New York officially underway, socially-distant outdoor seating is now open at many places, and Phase 3’s restricted indoor dining is close on its heels. In this ever-changing business climate, many local restaurateurs we know and love are finding new ways to serve us – while following social distancing and other guidelines to keep New Yorkers safe.

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Brooklyn Life: How to Declutter Your Home

Cluttered Brooklyn Home Apartment Organization

First, you moved out (ah, dorm life). Then, you moved in – or back in (let’s be honest: student loans don’t pay themselves). Then, you relocated for your first “real” job. And the one after that and possibly one more after that. Finally, you’re here in Brooklyn, where space is slim, but life is full.

With every move and opportunity, you’ve gradually shed pieces of your adolescence on this journey. But, there’s something you might not have shed: extra stuff.  Unless you’re a hardcore minimalist, clutter is inevitable. If it’s starting to drive you bananas, it’s time to declutter your home, so you can begin enjoying Brooklyn life in a whole new way.

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Moving into a New Apartment in Jersey City? Consider Self-Storage.

Jersey City is a city of renters, with nearly three-quarters of the city’s residents living in rental properties. And like many renters, that means struggling to find a place to keep your stuff.

Maybe you’ve just downsized from a house to an apartment. Or maybe you’re a long-time apartment dweller who can’t afford to find a larger space.

Whatever the case, renting a Jersey City storage unit can make apartment living much easier.

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Storage Solutions for the Sandwich Generation

Three generations of family

Are you part of the Sandwich Generation? The Club Sandwich Generation? If you’re over 50 and live in a multi-generational household, there’s a good chance that you belong to one or even both of them.

And living with several generations can have a major impact on your storage needs. In this blog post, we’ll look at these generations and how self-storage can help you find a place for everyone in your household to store their things. Continue reading “Storage Solutions for the Sandwich Generation”

Why Does Dry Air Cause Damage To Valuables? Try Climate-Controlled Storage

Assorted antiques

You wake up one day in January and discover that one of the doors in your home doesn’t close properly. Or maybe you notice that your hardwood floors seem to creak more than usual.

That’s the effect dry air has on wood. It essentially saps all the moisture from wood, in some cases causing serious damage such as cracking or splitting.  Continue reading “Why Does Dry Air Cause Damage To Valuables? Try Climate-Controlled Storage”

Five of the Most Unusual Items Found in Storage Units

Brooklyn Delta Self Storage

A car from a James Bond movie. A comic book stolen from Nicolas Cage. There are some other surprises on this list.

In our last blog post, we talked about the most common items you’ll find in storage units: photos, furniture, books, etc.

But there are also plenty of stories about people finding unusual items inside a self-storage facility. These are a few of the most interesting. Continue reading “Five of the Most Unusual Items Found in Storage Units”