Don’t Trash Your Treasures this Winter: A Look at Temperature-Controlled Storage

Perhaps more than any other time in recent history, the turn of the calendar year can’t come soon enough. Along with hopeful anticipation for brighter days ahead, ‘tis the season for winter in the Northeast – nor’easters and all. If you’re considering a self-storage facility in Bayonne, Jersey City, or Brooklyn, the winter weather conditions may not immediately cross your mind as you search, but they should.

In this post, we’re exploring the importance of temperature-controlled storage, starting with a look at how Old Man Winter could trash your treasures – and how you can prevent it. Continue reading “Don’t Trash Your Treasures this Winter: A Look at Temperature-Controlled Storage”

12 Items That Require Climate-Controlled Storage


Here in the northeast, climate-controlled storage is essential for protecting prized possessions from extreme temperature shifts and excess moisture. It maintains a steady, moderate temperature and continually circulates air as the first line of defense against property damage from hot and humid summers and frigidly cold winters.

In this post, we’re covering a few of the items that require climate-controlled storage and a few tips for deciding whether climate control is the way to go for other belongings you want to store. Continue reading “12 Items That Require Climate-Controlled Storage”

If You’re Moving to Lifestyle Apartments in Jersey City, NJ, Don’t Toss Your Extras!

If the turmoil of the COVID-19 pandemic has you re-thinking your living situation, you’re not alone. Many are opting to make a fresh start, with some turning to lifestyle apartments in Jersey City, NJ. Among the convenient and sometimes posh amenities, such as on-site maintenance, coworking spaces, and children’s play areas, the relatively flexible nature of apartment living is often the most appealing factor in times of flux.

In this post, we’re uncovering pandemic-related research and trends to understand why many people are moving amid COVID-19. We’ll also explain how self-storage in Jersey City can ease your transition to lifestyle apartments in Jersey City, NJ, or elsewhere.

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Self Storage in Jersey City, NJ: Premium Storage at Affordable Rates

Apartment List released a study in 2016 that named Jersey City as having the third highest rent in the nation. The advent of COVID-19 has added to the challenge of finding and maintaining affordable housing with many people have either been out of work or working less. With average rent costs topping out at nearly $3,000 per month in Jersey City, many people have been forced to downsize.

The big question that follows is, “Where am I going to keep all of my stuff?”

Fortunately, Delta Storage takes the stress out of storage in Jersey City, NJ.

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Safe, Clean, Convenient: storage in Jersey City, NJ

What tops your wish list when you’re searching for the perfect storage in Jersey City, NJ? If you’re like most people, then safety, cleanliness, and convenience soar above the rest. It makes sense when you think about it. Who would want to put themselves or their belongings at risk in a grimy facility that’s difficult to access? Thankfully, no one in Jersey City needs to settle for a place like that – because they don’t have to.

Our Jersey City self-storage facility satisfies this seemingly elusive trifecta, creating an environment that’s equally safe, clean, and convenient to access. In this article, we’ll break down all the ways we work to ensure our storage in Jersey City, NJ continually hits the mark in all three areas.

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Brooklyn Self Storage: Safety – No Commitment – Clean


6 Pleasantly Surprising Benefits of Our Self-Storage in Brooklyn, NY

No matter where you live, self-storage provides a distinctly functional benefit: a place to store your personal or business items for future use. But when you look deeper, there’s a lot more to the self-storage industry than meets the eye. Continue reading “Brooklyn Self Storage: Safety – No Commitment – Clean”

Self Storage For Today’s World

How We Reimagined Today’s Storage Solutions

When you think of a self-storage facility, what comes to mind? Dim? Dingy? Dare we say, “sketchy”? No one looks forward to dropping off or picking up their belongings at a place like that. That’s why we’ve reimagined today’s storage solutions in a vastly different and much happier light – one designed to make you feel comfortable, safe, and welcome. Continue reading “Self Storage For Today’s World”

Extra Storage Space At Your Convenience

What Does Convenient Storage Space Look Like?

Whether you need self-storage space for personal or business use, convenience is often a top decisive factor. After all, no one wants to jump through hurdles or invest more time and energy than needed to secure a unit and access their belongings or company inventory. Continue reading “Extra Storage Space At Your Convenience”

Brooklyn Drive-Up Inside Business Storage

Immaculate & Secure Indoor Drive-Up Business Storage Units in Brooklyn:

You may be familiar with drive-up storage units where you pull a vehicle next to or inside a garage-type space to load or unload your belongings. However, many of these units are located outdoors, exposing you and sensitive business items to the elements, and reducing the security and comfort that you’d receive with an indoor unit. For these reasons, many companies tend to shy away from drive-up business storage, even though it could help them manage retail inventory better and address pressing storage issues.

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NYC is Back: Businesses Weighing Their Options

NYC After COVID-19 Delta Self Storage

Just in time for summer, NYC has begun slowly emerging from COVID-19 shutdowns with a hopeful determination to recapture the essence and culture that defines our great city. Restaurants, manufacturing and construction firms, offices, retailers, and other businesses are beginning to buzz once again – albeit with a different flavor than before. 

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