Importance of Climate-Controlled Storage During Winter

Let’s face it; the winter months can be extremely brutal. With frosty temperatures sometimes dropping below zero, snow piling up in huge drifts in every corner, and winds lashing through every opening in your coat, it’s surprising we don’t hibernate until spring. The cold winter weather can also wreak havoc on various items kept in a storage unit, which is why it’s crucial that you use a climate-controlled storage unit at such times.

What is a climate-controlled storage unit?

Climate control at a self-storage facility means that a given storage unit is temperature-controlled to stay within temperature range to protect sensitive belongings from extreme cold or heat.

Among the items that should be stored in these units include artwork, books, wood or leather furniture, electronics, photographs, documents, clothing, sports gear, cars/RV/boats, and appliances.

Why choose climate-controlled storage in the winter time

Here is an outline of some of the benefits you can accrue from storing your belongings in a climate-controlled storage unit during the chilly winter months:

1. Protection against cold damage

Extremely cold temperatures can result in certain items such as furniture, electronics, and instruments cracking. The fluctuating temperatures can also cause metallic, wooden, plastic, and other materials to warp and break. When you keep such items in a climate-controlled storage unit, you will have confidence that you’ll find your items in pristine condition at the end of the cold winter months.

2. Ward off mold and mildew

Fungi typically grow in warm, humid conditions. And whereas these conditions aren’t problematic during the winter season, they may bring forth complications once the unforeseeable springtime weather rolls in. That said, climate-controlled units keep your items at a neutral temperature. As such, you can rest easy knowing your items are safe as the seasons change.

3. Better air quality

The air quality in storage units impacts whether or not specific belongings kept inside these units will remain in good shape. Climate-controlled units constantly circulate air throughout the unit. This means that your belongings won’t develop any musky smell, which is frequently associated with stored items. Additionally, climate-controlled units reduce dirt and dust—they will keep your belongings just as clean as the first day you put them in, given that dust will never have a chance to settle.

4. No rodents, bugs, or other pests

Most living organisms, including pests, can’t stand the cold winter weather. As such, they look for places to keep warm during this period. Storage units are one of the ideal hiding places for pests.

Birds, bugs, and rodents can cause substantial damage, chewing their way through your belongings and leaving dirty, unpleasant trails of their destruction. Climate-controlled storage units are usually more secure than outdoor storage units. This means that destructive pests and rodents won’t be able to access them easily.

5. Greater satisfaction

The frosty winter weather is already stressful as it is. No one fancies adding to that stress by having to lie awake at night, staring at the ceiling and wondering whether their Sofa will remain in good shape come spring. Whereas climate-controlled units typically cost more than traditional storage units, this extra cost is often insignificant. It is overshadowed by the peace of mind you get knowing that you’ve protected your belongings from the cold winter weather mishaps and harsh seasonal changes.

woman holding books and laptop

Bottom line

Climate control storage units keep your belongings at a consistent temperature no matter how low the winter temperature dips. You also won’t have to worry about pests and rodents damaging your items. This is to say that these storage units are worth the extra penny they cost.