How to Prepare Your Summer Items for Seasonal Storage

seasonal storage

After a warm summer season, the outdoor temperature has cooled, and Mother Nature is showing off her glorious autumnal glow. That’s right – fall is in the air! Just as nature transitions in preparation for the colder months, it’s time to transition your home, too. In doing so, finding a new space for your summer gear can help make way for winter décor and other cold-weather items, helping you reap all the benefits of a decluttered home as you shift to a new season and mindset. Seasonal storage offers an affordable, flexible, and convenient way to store your summer belongings in a safe and clean environment until the weather warms once again.

This article will outline the top ten summertime items that our customers love to store for the winter. We’ll also cover what you need to know about preparing your summer items for seasonal storage, finishing with tips on what to look for before moving your stuff into a storage facility.

Top 10 Summertime Items Perfect for Seasonal Storage

Not sure what to put into seasonal storage this fall and winter? Here are some of the top space-consuming warm-weather items that our customers love to store:

  1. Summer clothing, beach towels, and linens
  2. Patio furniture, beach chairs, and coolers
  3. Gardening tools and equipment
  4. Outdoor grills
  5. Swings, play structures, and summer toys
  6. Indoor and outdoor summer décor
  7. Camping gear
  8. Bicycles
  9. Fishing equipment
  10. Kayaks and canoes

Relocating these items from your home to a seasonal storage facility gives you more physical and mental space to enjoy the winter months ahead. Read on to discover our best tips for prepping your summer items for winter storage.

How to Prepare Your Summer Items for Seasonal Storage

Now that you know which items you can put into a seasonal storage unit, let’s talk about how to prep them for their winter stay.

  • Launder clothing and other textiles, and then place into storage bags, boxes, or plastic containers
  • Wash outdoor furniture, toys, and other gear and lubricate any metal moving parts, including bicycle chains
  • Scrub grill grates to prevent bacteria growth and coat with oil
  • Empty lawn equipment gas tanks and lubricate clutch cables, transmission parts, and other mechanicals

When your warm-weather items are ready for storage, follow our best organization tips for a tidy unit to learn how to pack them with care.

What to Look For in a Seasonal Storage Facility

When it comes to finding a seasonal storage unit for your warm-weather belongings, consider looking for the following perks:

  • Climate-controlled storage – Provides consistent temperatures and humidity levels for sensitive items
  • Indoor drive-up units – Limits your exposure to the cold elements when accessing your belongings
  • Cleanliness – Creates the ideal environment to store your personal belongings and makes the facility pleasant to visit
  • High-tech security – Enhances the safety of your items using technology such as video surveillance, alarmed doors, and sensor-driven lighting
  • Affordability – Makes it possible for you to enjoy the freedom of a clutter-free home without committing to long contracts or putting a dent in your monthly winter budget
  • Accessibility – Allows you to access your belongings during the days and times that work with your busy schedule

Our sparkling clean and well-lit state-of-the-art facilities in Bayonne, Jersey City, or Brooklyn offer all these desirable features – and more. Call or stop by one of our convenient locations to discover how we’ve reimagined self-storage. Here, you’ll find extras that you may not find elsewhere, including ambient music, friendly staff, complimentary hot coffee, and attention to every detail. Whether for seasonal storage or something more long-term, it’s our mission to help you find your happy space.