Our Best Organization Tips for a Tidy Storage Unit

Organization Tips for Storage

From toppling boxes to mountains of unidentified clutter, there are many ways storage can go wrong. Besides provoking frustration and irritation when you’re forced to dig for something you need, a storage unit in disarray could also crush, stain, scrape, scratch, or otherwise damage vulnerable belongings. But, with a few simple organization tips, your storage unit can provide a clean and tidy home for the items that matter.  

In this post, we’re building on our popular article on how to organize your storage unit by providing a few easy hints for creating an orderly space to store your stuff. If you’re a lover of home organization hacks, you’re going to dig these pointers!

5 Easy storage unit organization tips

Like the practical and stress-relieving effects that come from home organizing, having a neat storage unit can bring peace of mind knowing that you can access your items with ease – and feel good that everything is securely tucked away. 

Whether you’re moving to a new storage unit or decluttering your current one, the following are our top five organization tips: 

1. Go for clear containers when possible

If you have the choice between clear containers and cardboard boxes, we suggest going clear. Compared to cardboard boxes, clear bins provide easy visibility, and they’re less likely to give way when they’re stacked. Even though you can see through them, a label makes it even easier to identify what’s inside. Whether you choose clear or cardboard, place heavier containers at the bottom and lighter ones on top. Finally, stacking same-sized containers in a brick wall pattern lets you move them around without dismantling an entire stack.

2. Install sturdy shelving

If you’re planning to store your items for the long term, consider installing sturdy shelving inside your storage unit. Plastic, metal, or wood floor-standing shelves can help you maximize vertical space, allowing you to get the full value from your investment. Shelves are also helpful for neatly storing large or bulky items that don’t fit inside a container. If your shelving unit is taller than your head, consider placing a step stool or ladder inside your unit for easy access to up-high items. 

3. Create a master contents list and a map

One of our favorite storage unit organization tips is to create a master contents list and map. A master contents list is essentially an inventory of everything inside your unit. To make this helpful reference document, number each box or container and then jot down everything contained within each one. Keep this document on your computer or smartphone for easy access.

Next, create a map by sketching your unit, dividing it into four or more sections, and listing the items and container numbers in each one. Post the hand-drawn map inside your unit to make it super simple to locate your things.

4. Strategize the layout

Just as room layout is an essential factor in home organization, it is equally crucial for a tidy storage unit. To smartly arrange your space, place furniture and large items against a wall opposite your boxes, leaving a walking path in between. Face items you’ll need to access regularly toward the path, so they’re easy to see. If you need to use the path space, fill it with your most movable items, such as luggage on wheels or other lightweight objects.

5. Select the right sized storage unit

A too-small storage unit makes it difficult to create a tidy place for your things because when space is tight, it’s easy to toss these and other organization tips out the door. While you don’t need to splurge on a mansion-sized storage unit, it is critical to select the size you need based on how much stuff you want to store. Our handy Storage Size Guide outlines the dimensions of every sized unit, from mini to giant and everything in between. Check out the “use” sections to get an idea of what will fit.

Not sure what size you need? You can always talk to us – we’re pros at finding that just-right-sized ‘Goldilocks’ unit for every need and budget.

When it comes to keeping your storage unit tidy, these simple organization tips are all you need in your back pocket. To learn more about our clean and state-of-the-art facilities, visit us in BayonneJersey City, and Brooklyn. With high-definition video surveillance, climate-controlled units, convenient hours, and a friendly team, our facilities are sure to become your new happy space.