3 Small Home Organization Tips

Interior small home organization ideas. Shelf above windows, built in storage.

There are many reasons to love small-space living. For starters, it can be both stylish and functional at the same time. It also can make cleaning easier, cost less, and require less maintenance, giving you more time and money to enjoy your life. However, smaller spaces can make it more challenging to stay organized. And as we covered in a previous blog post, an organized and clutter-free home can help maximize livable space, lower stress levels, free your time and energy, and reduce pesky allergens.

Whether you’re downsizing or simply looking to tidy up your current place, the following small home organization tips can help you optimize your health and happiness in a compact space:

  1. Experiment with different storage ideas for small spaces
  2. Go for space-saving furniture and home design choices
  3. Look for accessible and affordable self-storage units for small spaces

Continue reading for more on these three small home organization tips, including plenty of ideas that you can implement right away!

Tip #1: Experiment with different storage ideas for small spaces

The idiom, a place for everything and everything in its place, is especially helpful for mastering small-space living. To help you follow this trusty advice, look for space-saving products and furniture designed to help you create a place for everything, such as:

  • Hooks
  • Shelving
  • Hidden storage, such as a flip-top storage bench
  • Pegboard wall
  • Decorative baskets and bins
  • Behind the door, above the door, and under bed storage systems
  • Built-in closet organization systems and accessories

Browse online sources for more storage ideas for small spaces, such as HGTV, Architectural Digest, and Pinterest. Finally, this Bob Villa article features more small-living storage tips inspired by the tiny house trend.

Tip #2: Go for space-saving furniture and home design

On your quest to stay organized in a small space, make your furniture and home design work even harder to minimize the items needed to furnish your home. For instance, consider the following small home organization tips designed to save precious space:

  • Fold-down or pull-out table or desk
  • Wall-mounted seating
  • Kitchen island storage
  • Built-in banquet seating
  • Dual-purpose seating or hard surfaces
  • Under-the-stairs shelving
  • Murphy beds
  • Window seat bench
  • Pull-out pantry cabinet

Check out this article featuring curated sources for even more small space furniture and design ideas.

Tip #3: Look for accessible and affordable self-storage units for small spaces

Our final idea on our small home organization tips list is all about the perks of arranging for a self-storage unit. Self-storage can create an easy, affordable, and effective way to keep the clutter out of your home – without having to trash or donate any of your treasures. Whether you want to store furniture, holiday decorations, hobby supplies, sporting equipment, books, or anything else, self-storage units for small spaces can help. If you’re planning to store sensitive items, such as appliances, electronics, musical instruments, or photos, look for climate-controlled storage.

Is a storage unit right for you? Check out our blog article for help determining whether it makes sense for your situation. If it does, reach out to learn about our conveniently located self-storage facilities in Bayonne, Jersey City, or Brooklyn. Our state-of-the-art and sparkling clean storage units will flip everything you know about self-storage on its head. We’ve taken great care to provide a pleasant ambiance and enhanced security so that you’ll enjoy coming here – it just might become your new happy space. Contact us today!