5 Money-Saving Summer Moving Tips

Family Carrying Boxes Upstairs - Moving tips

Summer has long been the peak season to move. An estimated 70% of moves in the US happen between Memorial Day and Labor Day when the weather tends to be more conducive for transportation and school and work schedules are more relaxed. Additionally, many landlords set their leases to expire on June 30 or July 31, another contributor to the summertime surge. However, so many people moving during the summer can drive costs up, especially in the age of the pandemic moving boom.

If you’re one of the millions of Americans moving during the summer, we’ve compiled some of our best moving tips for navigating peak season – without breaking the bank.

  1. Schedule your move during off-peak times
  2. Lighten your load
  3. Reduce property damage and loss
  4. Find affordable moving storage
  5. See if you qualify for reimbursement or a tax deduction

Keep reading to learn more about our five best moving tips for a budget-friendly summertime relocation.

Schedule your move during off-peak times

The first of our money-saving summer moving tips is to schedule your move during low-demand times. While relocation and truck rental companies are often busy all summer long, experts recommend inquiring about reduced rates during mid-week and mid-month. A Wednesday in the middle of August, for instance, will likely be a lot cheaper than the first Saturday of the month.

Lighten your load

This moving equation is simple: the more items you move, the higher your costs will be. Similarly, the less you move, the lower you’ll pay. To reduce your load, consider decluttering your home so that you’re only moving the items you want and need in your new space. If you need some inspiration, explore the five expert decluttering strategies we outlined in a previous blog article. No matter which method you choose, your decluttering efforts are sure to pay off with that rewardingly light feeling of a fresh start.

Reduce property damage and loss

Another way to save money during a peak summertime move is to pack heat-sensitive items carefully to prevent property damage and loss. Certain items, such as electronics, media disks, candles, perishable food, and plants will require extra care in hot outdoor temperatures. Packing these items in your personal vehicle instead of a moving truck is one way to help them beat the heat, so you won’t have to pay to replace them. You can also arrange to house certain sensitive items in climate-controlled storage to protect them from heat, humidity, and moisture.

Find affordable self-storage

If you need residential moving storage to help you through a transition, look for an affordable option that aligns with your budget and needs. Besides comparing the lease prices and features of various facilities, ask about flexible, short-term contracts to help avoid expensive long-term commitments. In addition, convenient financial perks, such as automatic and flexible online payment options, can make it even easier to fit your storage unit into your monthly budget.

See if you qualify for reimbursement or a tax deduction

Our final summer moving tip is all about checking out your options for putting more money in your wallet – instead of depleting it. For instance, if you’re relocating for a new job, ask your employer whether they would pay for moving expenses or otherwise compensate you for the relocation. If you’re in the military, your moving costs could qualify for a tax deduction. Ask your tax advisor to see if you’re eligible for such a write-off.

These money-saving summer moving tips can help you take the next exciting leap – without draining your precious financial resources. So, here’s to a smooth move!

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