10 Things to Look for in Business Storage Space

Business Storage

The benefits of business storage for inventory, documents, furniture, and equipment are clear. They allow a lot of flexibility, can save you money, and may even qualify for tax deductions. So, if you’re searching for the best business storage option for your needs, consider these ten things to look for in your next unit:

  1. Affordability
  2. A sparkling clean facility
  3. Flexible terms
  4. Drive-up units
  5. Climate-controlled units
  6. Extended hours 24-hour access
  7. Advanced security measures 
  8. Strict tenant screening policy
  9. Convenient location
  10. Pleasant ambiance

Keep reading to discover more on these parameters for choosing a business storage space that works for you.


Business storage units shouldn’t be a financial burden on your company’s bottom line. Before securing your unit, ensure the facility offers an affordable rate. You’ll know it’s reasonable when it costs a lot less than what you’d pay for retail or commercial warehousing space. In today’s competitive landscape, a self-storage partner that knows how to stretch your dollar further is always a good bet.

A sparkling clean facility

Savvy business owners must no longer settle for dirty and dingy self-storage facilities. Instead, look for an immaculate business storage space that’s tidy and well-maintained. A grime-free facility that takes cleanliness seriously means that they care as much about your business as you do.

Flexible terms

In an ever-changing business climate, business storage units must offer flexibility. Avoid long-term contracts and look for month-to-month lease arrangements instead. This way, you can quickly pivot your company strategy whenever your needs change. 

Drive-up units

Business storage space with drive-up units lends the ultimate convenience for loading and unloading, making it easier to access your inventory, files, or equipment. Take it a step further with a facility offering indoor drive-up options instead of outdoor units for added comfort and security. 

Climate-controlled units

If you’re planning to store documents, media, electronics, artwork, photos, film, or other sensitive items, look for climate-controlled business storage units to protect your company’s assets. By maintaining a consistent moderate temperature and airflow, climate-controlled units prevent warping, mold, cracking, and other damage. 

Extended hours and 24-hour access

Not every business operates from 9 to 5, making it essential to look for business storage space that can accommodate your busy schedule. Facilities offering extended hours or 24-hour access help ensure you can get to your business items whenever needed.

Advanced security measures

Safety and security are top priorities when you’re searching for business storage units. While most facilities will allow you to add a padlock or another lock on a unit door, look for one that goes the extra mile to install door alarms, and high-definition video surveillance for an added layer of protection.

Strict tenant screening policy

When it comes to storing your valuable business items, look for a self-storage facility with a strict new tenant screening policy like our six-point identification protocol. This security feature ensures that the people accessing the property are vetted for your protection.

Convenient location

As you search for business storage near me, look for a facility that’s not only close but also conveniently accessible to NYC and the major roadways you frequently travel for work.

Pleasant ambiance

Finally, look for a place you don’t mind visiting. Touches like bright lighting, modern architecture, and ambient music go a long way toward creating a pleasant business storage environment worthy of your business belongings.

Check out our clean, secure, and conveniently located business storage units in Bayonne, Jersey City, and Brooklyn to discover how we’re working to create a happy space to help your company thrive