6 Benefits of Indoor Storage Units for Your Outdoor Gear

Calling all adventurers! Whether you’re a bicyclist, camper, kayaker, skier, or an all-around outdoor enthusiast, space-consuming gear can often get in the way of an otherwise well-organized space. The solution? Declutter your home or garage with help from extra storage at an indoor facility. In this post, we’ll cover the types of outdoor gear that can benefit from extra storage and some of the benefits of choosing an indoor unit.

Types of outdoor gear that can benefit from indoor storage units

If your outdoor gear is cluttering your life, extra storage can help. The following are just a few types of equipment that can benefit from indoor storage units:

  • Cycling
  • Camping
  • Fishing
  • Sporting
  • Canoeing
  • Kayaking
  • Paddleboarding
  • Climbing
  • Skiing and snowboarding

Why does your outdoor gear need an indoor storage unit? Keep reading to find out.

6 Benefits of indoor storage units for your outdoor gear

Indoor storage units are especially beneficial for outdoor gear for many reasons, including:

  1. They’re highly secure

    Outdoor gear can be expensive. When you need to store camping, sporting, and other outdoor equipment, indoor storage units are equipped to protect your investment from theft and harm. Some of the specific features to look for include gate access control, sensor-driven light in the hallways, high-tech video surveillance, and alarmed doors. Additional security features like our six-point identification system for new tenants can provide even more peace of mind.

  2. They’re convenient to access

    Indoor storage units like ours feature multiple loading areas for easy drop-off and pick-up, helping you to stop in and get on with your adventure – fast. Some storage units even have drive-up access, giving you all the convenience of outdoor extra storage with the added benefits of a comfortable and secure indoor environment.

  3. They’re super clean

    Outdoor gear is meant to get dirty – but not in your storage unit! Indoor storage units like ours are sparkling clean, saving the grit for your rugged adventures.

  4. They offer extended ceiling heights for extra-large gear

    Are you planning to store a canoe, kayak, or other large outdoor gear? Some indoor storage units are available with extended ceiling heights to accommodate all your equipment.

  5. They’re affordable

    With so many attractive benefits, indoor storage units must be expensive, right? Not so. When you’re searching for extra storage for your outdoor gear, look for affordable month-to-month rentals with convenient payment options, including monthly automatic payments.

  6. They’re surprisingly pleasant to visit

    Indoor storage units like ours are bright and modern – a far cry from the dark and dingy storage units of the past. Beyond the aesthetic, you’ll also enjoy soft ambient music and complimentary coffee in the office, all designed to cultivate an environment we hope you’ll call your happy space.

With modern and conveniently located indoor storage units in Bayonne, Jersey City, and Brooklyn, we’re here to help you enjoy your outdoor passions – without cramping your style. Our commitment to security, cleanliness, and affordability are just a few of the ways we’re committed to redefining the notion of self-storage. Check us out to learn more about how we’re here to help you live the good life.