Unlock Secure Storage for a Happier and Safer Post-Pandemic Life

Secure Storage with Delta Self Storage

As our streets slowly begin buzzing with energy and life once again, the pandemic’s life-changing lessons are seared in our hearts and minds. Among those lessons is the critical importance of creating safe environments for our health and happiness.

Whether it’s at a restaurant or a storage facility, everyone deserves to feel a sense of security as we emerge from lockdowns with hope for a brighter future ahead. In this article, we’re helping you unlock the secrets of secure storage for your post-pandemic life – think of our advice as a yellow brick road pointing directly to your happy space.

How secure storage fits into your post-pandemic life

Secure storage provides a safe solution for storing extra personal or business items during these timely events:

In the next section, we’ll highlight a few security features to look for in a storage unit to ensure it meets your post-pandemic needs.

Security features to look for in a storage unit.

To help you choose the best secure storage facility, look for:

  • Gate access control – From the moment you enter a storage facility, look for signs of security, such as gate access control system that restricts entry to authorized users only. All three of our self-storage locations feature an advanced gate access control, giving you peace of mind that our customers and staff are the only groups allowed to access our property.
  • Storage unit doors equipped with alarms – Look for secure storage facilities equipped with alarms on the storage unit doors to alert the staff of a potential security breach. In addition to alarmed doors, we also allow the option to add your own padlock lock for added security and peace of mind.
  • Advanced video surveillance system – Video surveillance helps storage facilities keep an eye on all the activity in and around the property to deter criminal activity and protect your stored belongings. Each of our facilities boat state-of-the-art high-definition video surveillance systems that track every move to keep you and your belongings safe.
  • Sensor-activated lights – If you’ve ever visited a storage facility that’s dark and dingy, the chances are good that it didn’t make you feel safe. To avoid this storage faux pas, we’ve installed sensor lights in our hallways to brightly illuminate every walkway of our sparkling clean facility.
  • Indoor drive-up access – Another security feature to look for in a storage facility is secure drive-up access. At our Brooklyn self-storage facility, you can pull your vehicle inside our immaculate, well-lit space to access your storage unit conveniently and safely without stepping foot outdoors.
  • Strict new applicant screening system – Finally, ask the storage facility you’re considering about their application process to ensure it reflects a commitment to your safety and security. Because we take these commitments seriously, we require all new applicants to abide by our strict six-point identification policy before renting one of our secure storage units.

Secure storage is the key to keeping you and your belongings safe so that you can begin to cultivate a happier post-pandemic life.

With three convenient locations in Bayonne, Jersey City, and Brooklyn, we have a deep commitment to your safety and security. Our state-of-the-art self-storage units are affordable, flexible, and convenient – and our friendly team is on-site to help you determine the right storage unit size for your needs and budget.

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