Create an Organized and Clutter-Free Home with Affordable Storage

Affordable storage at Delta Self Storage

Now that spring has sprung, it’s time to declutter your home and reclaim your living space. An organized and clutter-free home comes with many life-changing benefits that can make a big difference in how you feel and live. In this article, we’ll highlight a few reasons to declutter your space, uncover the most common types of clutter, and provide tips for finding an affordable storage facility that can help you create a clutter-free home.

Why declutter your home?

Make more space

Decluttering results in less stuff in your environment, and less stuff directly translates to a more spacious feeling home. Just imagine what you could do – or how you would feel – with more living space. Are you ready to spring into action? Get inspired with five tips for taking back your space with affordable storage on our blog.

Reduce stress

Just as clutter can create physical obstructions that make your space feel smaller, it can also create mental roadblocks that can affect your state of mind. Clutter provides continual visual distractions that can often trigger memories, guilt, anxiety, and stress. Transferring extra items to an affordable storage unit can make you feel lighter.

Free up time and energy

Decluttering your home can make simple tasks like cleaning much easier and more time-efficient. You’ll also spend less time searching for the things you need. With more time and energy on your hands, you can spend more quality time with loved ones or break your cabin fever by reexploring the great outdoors after a long winter inside.

Reduce allergens

Too much extra stuff in our home can be a magnet for attracting dust and dander. When you declutter your space, you’ll reduce the areas where allergens can settle and hide, helping to improve your indoor air quality and make it easier to breathe.

6 Common types of clutter

What is the source of your clutter? The following are six of the most common types of clutter that could be standing between you and an organized home:

  1. Trash & recycling – Junk mail, papers, food containers, broken items
  2. Seasonal – Holiday decorations, out-of-season clothing
  3. Thrift and bulk – Bargain items, multi-packs, paper goods
  4. Aspirational – Items designed for aspirational goals, such as fitness equipment, books, or gadgets
  5. Hobby – Large and seasonal equipment, such as bicycles and skis
  6. Sentimental – Yearbooks, memorabilia, childhood toys, photographs

Which types of clutter are taking over the space in your home? Relocate these items to an affordable storage facility can give your home a breath of fresh air.

What to look for in an affordable storage unit

Affordable storage can help keep you organized and your clutter in check. Here’s what to look for before renting a unit to store your extra items:

  • Online payments
  • No long contracts
  • Climate-controlled units
  • High-tech security
  • Convenient location
  • Ultra-clean facility

Affordable storage can help you create an organized and clutter-free home without having to part with any of your belongings. Our clean, bright, and modern facilities are conveniently located in Bayonne, Jersey City, and Brooklyn, many with climate-controlled units for your most cherished and sensitive items.

We’ve made it our mission to reimagine self-storage, and we’d love to invite you to experience our difference. Contact us today to learn more about our affordable storage options for a lighter and happier feeling that comes with an organized home.