Safe Storage Space: Ensuring the Safety of You and Your Valuables

How to Find a Safe Storage Unit

Beyond convenience, cost, cleanliness, and other desirable features of a self-storage facility, safety is arguably the most critical element to consider. A safe storage unit not only protects your belongings but also includes security measures to keep you safe, too. This article includes our top hints for finding a safe storage unit that can lend a welcomed sense of security and confidence.

If you’re looking for a safe storage unit, ensure it has security features such as:

  • Gate access control
  • A high-tech video surveillance system
  • Sensor-driven hallway lights
  • Alarmed storage unit doors
  • Secure drive-up access
  • A strict new applicant screening system

When it comes to additional features that can protect your belongings, consider finding a safe storage unit with climate control. This security feature adds an extra protective layer that shields your items from extreme temperatures and conditions. These units are especially helpful for storing artwork, important files, film, video or audiotapes, photographs, musical instruments, electronics, and other sensitive items. Beyond traditional temperature control, climate-controlled units have circulation systems that generate better air quality to create a barrier against dust and debris.

When safety is on the line, there’s no room for compromise. Don’t stop looking until you find a safe storage unit with all these essential features designed to protect both you and your belongings. Whether you live or work near Brooklyn, Bayonne, or Jersey City, we can help you find a storage unit that makes you feel safe.

Where to find a safe storage unit in Brooklyn

Our meticulously clean and ultra-modern, multi-level building in the Brooklyn Bushwick neighborhood is our newest self-storage facility featuring all climate-controlled units. Brimming with additional protective security features, including well-lit spaces, hallway lights with sensors, state-of-the-art video surveillance, and unit door alarms, every safe storage unit in Brooklyn meets the highest protective standards. With secure drive-up units available, the option to add your own lock, and an aggressive new applicant screening system requiring six forms of identification, rest easy knowing that you and your items are safe here.

  • Well-lit spaces
  • Hallway lights with sensors
  • State-of-the-art video surveillance
  • Unit door alarms
  • An aggressive new applicant screening process
  • All climate-controlled units
  • Secure drive-up units available

Find your safe storage unit in Brooklyn now.

Where to find a safe storage unit in Bayonne

Conveniently nestled off Route 440 in the heart of Bayonne near the Holland Tunnel, our Bayonne self-storage unitsexemplify safety and security at every turn. With the same cleanliness and ample lighting standards that we’re known for, choosing a safe storage unit here comes with additional perks designed to help you feel comfortable dropping off or picking up your belongings. Expect sensor-driven lighting in the hallways, an advanced video surveillance system, alarmed unit doors, gate access control, and an extensive six-point new applicant screening system.

  • Ample, sensor-driven lighting
  • Advanced surveillance
  • Alarmed unit doors
  • Gate access control
  • Extensive six-point new applicant system
  • Secure drive-up units available

Find your safe storage unit in Bayonne now.

Where to find a safe storage unit in Jersey City

Do you live or work near Jersey City? There’s a safe storage unit for you here, too. Located on Grand Street in downtown Jersey City, our self-storage facility is easily accessible to NYC and all major highways and transit systems. In addition to accessibility, our units are also highly secure. From door alarms and video surveillance to sensor-driven lights and rigorous screening system for all new applicants, you can rest assured that you and your items are safe here. For added security, ask about drive-up units that make it easy to pull up, load or unload, and quickly return to your vehicle.

  • Unit door alarms
  • Video surveillance
  • Sensor-driven lighting
  • Rigorous screening for new applicants
  • Secure drive up-units available

Find your safe storage unit in Jersey City now.

Safety and security are central to an overall sense of well-being. That’s why we’ve invested resources to equip our self-storage facilities with critical safety measures to protect you and your items. No matter which location you choose, you can depend on the safeguarding practices at any of our facilities. Contact us for help in selecting your safe storage unit today.