It’s Time To Declutter with help from Extra Space.

Even if you’re not into New Year’s Resolutions, a new year tends to bring out the tidying bug in all of us – but not always for the reason you might think. According to an online survey, decluttering to make physical space was secondary to the resulting mental and emotional benefits. More than a third of the surveyed respondents reported a desire to reduce stress and boost mood as their primary motivations, whereas less than a fifth said they wanted to declutter to create more space. And if there was ever a year that could benefit from mental health enhancement, this is it!

Whether you’re motivated by mental health, space practicalities, minimalism, or something else, check out the following expert decluttering strategies to start the New Year off on the proverbial right foot.

5 Expert Decluttering Strategies

There are many decluttering strategies you can use to help you get organized this year. The following are five expert-approved approaches to consider:

  1. KonMari Method – Based on the popular Netflix series featuring Marie Kondo, this decluttering approach centers on tidying spaces by category instead of the location. It starts with clothing, moves on to books, papers, and miscellaneous items, and ends with sentimental items.
  2. The Becker Method – This family-friendly home decluttering strategy uses a room-by-room philosophy that starts with the easiest and most lived-in areas and gradually moves on to other spaces. It uses goals and a focus on fun to motivate you throughout the process.
  3. Peter Walsh Method – This basic five-step approach focuses on simplifying decluttering using easy commands. The process includes emptying the space, creating a vision for the space, removing unwanted items, and returning only the belongings that complete your vision.
  4. Fly Lady Method – This strategy aims to avoid burnout by encouraging a little decluttering work every day. This short burst-approach uses a timer and suggests sorting as many items into “give away,” “throw away,” and “put away” categories as possible before the time is up.
  5. 365 Less Things Method – This decluttering strategy hinges on the idea of removing one item from your space every day. You can decide whether you want to give it away, sell it, or throw it away. The philosophy of this approach centers on reducing clutter one day at a time.

Beyond these strategies, you can also turn to decluttering and organization apps for digital organization advice or recruit a certified professional organizer’s help if your budget allows.

How Extra Storage Can Help With Decluttering

No matter which strategy you use to declutter and organize your space, you’ll inevitably find yourself with items that you don’t need right now but also don’t necessarily want to donate, sell, recycle, or throw away. This scenario is where extra storage comes in.

Depending on whether you’re decluttering a residential or commercial space, the items that are ideal for extra storage might include:

  • Sentimental items
  • Important documents and files
  • Collectibles
  • Photographs and videotapes
  • Artwork
  • Electronics
  • Retail inventory
  • Furniture
  • Books, magazines, or comics
  • Toys

If something is important to you, extra storage can provide a temporary home for it, lending peace of mind that it is safe and protected until you need it again in the future.

Staffed by professionals who routinely go the extra mile to make you happy, our bright and modern self-storage facilities are truly a breath of fresh air. Here, you’ll enjoy extra storage and:

  • Safety and security
  • A sparkling clean environment
  • Affordable rates
  • Flexible month-to-month terms
  • Convenient access to your extra storage
  • Climate-controlled and drive-up units available at some locations

When you need extra storage, we invite you to find your happy space with us. Whether in Bayonne, Jersey City, or Brooklyn, we’ll do what it takes to help you start this New Year off right. Contact us to learn more.