If You’re Moving to Lifestyle Apartments in Jersey City, NJ, Don’t Toss Your Extras!

If the turmoil of the COVID-19 pandemic has you re-thinking your living situation, you’re not alone. Many are opting to make a fresh start, with some turning to lifestyle apartments in Jersey City, NJ. Among the convenient and sometimes posh amenities, such as on-site maintenance, coworking spaces, and children’s play areas, the relatively flexible nature of apartment living is often the most appealing factor in times of flux.

In this post, we’re uncovering pandemic-related research and trends to understand why many people are moving amid COVID-19. We’ll also explain how self-storage in Jersey City can ease your transition to lifestyle apartments in Jersey City, NJ, or elsewhere.

5 Reasons people are moving during the pandemic

According to an article on national COVID-19 moving trends, millions of people have relocated since the start of the pandemic, with some flocking to lifestyle apartments in Jersey City, NJ. Research suggests the following motivations to explain why people are moving during the pandemic:

  1. Get closer to family – About 20% of people who have moved during the pandemic reported that they wanted to be with family. For those with loved ones in or near Jersey City, a local lifestyle apartment or other area rental offers a flexible avenue for getting closer to them.
  2. Changes in employment or work arrangements – According to new research, 42% of adults reported an employment or income status change during COVID-19, prompting some financially-motivated moves. Work arrangements have also shifted. A poll shows 33% of people always and 25% sometimes work remotely amid the pandemic, sparking others to seek new spaces conducive to working at home.
  3. Desire to downsize or enhance the quality of life – Pandemic-focused research also shows that many people are moving from smaller urban apartments to larger rentals with outdoor space. Others are looking to downsize from homeownership to other options, such as lifestyle apartments in Jersey City, NJ.
  4. Get out of the big city – Once a pandemic hotspot, NYC has seen a steady increase in outbound moves since March, with many opting for rentals and other housing arrangements outside the city center.
  5. Temporary moves – About 23% of COVID-19 moves include college students who cannot return to campus due to pandemic closures. These and other temporary situations have prompted relocations to short-term housing and other rental options, including lifestyle apartments in Jersey City, NJ.

Are you considering a move to lifestyle apartments in Jersey City, NJ, or another new home? Continue reading to discover how we can help ease your transition.

How our self-storage in Jersey City makes pandemic moves easy

If you’re one of the many people moving or transitioning to lifestyle apartments in Jersey City, NJ for the next season of your life, don’t toss your extras! While a new space may mean purging some of your belongings, our affordable, safe, and convenient self-storage in Jersey City can make a home for the rest of them.

Our self-storage units in Jersey City, NJ offer:

  • Flexible lease terms – If you’re not sure how long you’ll be in your new space, you’re sure to appreciate our incredibly flexible leases, which allow month-to-month rentals with no long-term commitment.
  • Affordable rates – When you’re moving during the pandemic, the last thing you need is a financial headache. Our self-storage storage units are affordable for nearly every budget, offering flexible payment options, including online auto-withdrawal, cash, check, credit card, or money order.
  • Convenient access – Not only is our self-storage in Jersey City convenient to access from the Holland Tunnel, but we’re also open seven days a week to align with your busy lifestyle. We offer drive-in and drive-up storage units and double-sided elevators for easy access to your belongings.
  • Safe environment – With video surveillance, alarmed unit doors, and a six-point identification policy for new tenants, we do everything we can to ensure you and your belongings are safe and protected.
  • Ultra-clean facility – Our facility is bright and modern, featuring well-lit spaces and sensor-driven hallways to show off our sparkling clean facility. You’re hard-pressed to find at another self-storage facility in Jersey City, NJ as clean as ours.
  • Climate control – If you’re planning to store sensitive items, such as antiques, artwork, photographs, important documents, collectibles, or musical instruments, our climate-controlled units will protect them from dust, debris, and harsh outdoor elements.
  • Moving supplies – Find boxes and other moving supplies to ease your transition to lifestyle apartments in Jersey City, NJ, including a free truck rental to move in.

Whether you plan to keep your things here for a little while or a long time, trust our courteous and professional team to help you through this time of change. Contact us or stop by to learn more.