Brooklyn Self Storage: Safety – No Commitment – Clean


6 Pleasantly Surprising Benefits of Our Self-Storage in Brooklyn, NY

No matter where you live, self-storage provides a distinctly functional benefit: a place to store your personal or business items for future use. But when you look deeper, there’s a lot more to the self-storage industry than meets the eye. If you live or work in Brooklyn, factors such as safety, cleanliness, and lengthy contract terms can make or break the facility’s capacity to meet your storage needs.

Safe storage in Brooklyn, NY, for instance, is one of the most significant concerns. Sure, any facility can store your things, but are you and your items safe there? Beyond safety, what about the facility itself? Are the grounds and units clean? Must you commit to a long-term contract, even when the road ahead is unclear? These are just a few of the considerations many of our clients face in their search – and we’re proud to say that our refreshing approach to self-storage addresses them all, and more.

Here are six pleasantly surprising benefits of our Brooklyn self-storage units:

  1. You’ll feel safe coming here When you need safe storage in Brooklyn, NY, we hope you’ll take a deep sigh of relief when you learn all the ways we work to provide a sense of safety and security. Let’s start with our highly selective new applicant process. Everyone must provide six points of identification to ensure we know who will be on the property. Next, our entire space is well-lit and void of ominous dark corners. Just walk down any hallway, and sensors will trigger bright lights throughout. We’ve also invested in high-tech video surveillance to keep a close eye on our facility’s happenings. Finally, our drive-up units make it safe to pull up to your storage unit to load or unload, then quickly return to your vehicle.
  2. Your belongings are protect by high tech security & more. In addition to measures to protect you, our safe storage in Brooklyn, NY also safeguards your belongings. Our advanced video surveillance system lets us see and deter any potential suspicious behavior. We also provide alarmed unit doors. Protecting your belongings doesn’t stop there. Every unit in our self-storage facility in Brooklyn is climate-controlled, keeping your items safe from extreme temperatures, dust, and debris.
  3. Our cleanliness standards are through the roof Another pleasantly surprising benefit of our safe storage in Brooklyn, NY is the level of cleanliness that you can expect here. We treat our storage facility as if it were the home of someone we love, following strict cleaning protocol to ensure the space looks good and is also safe to inhabit. We do this because we want you to feel comfortable entrusting your prized possessions with us – and perhaps it’s also that we can’t help our clean freak nature.
  4. You’ll never be locked into a long-term commitment In a world filled with suffocating financial agreements, we get a lot of raised eyebrows when we tell our applicants that no commitment is required. Our flexible month-to-month contracts let you freely pivot if your circumstances change. This surprisingly pleasant benefit of our safe storage in Brooklyn, NY makes it easy to use our units to store anything from business inventory and furniture to personal keepsakes and important files for however long – or short — you need.
  5. Our facility is modern with a pleasant ambiance Modern may not be the first word to mind when you think of safe self-storage in Brooklyn, NY, but that’s precisely what you’ll find at our Bushwick facility. Occupying the entire block of Bushwick Ave, our state-of-the-art multi-level building is the newest member to join sister facilities in Bayonne and Jersey City. Light and bright, this freshly opened building features well-lit spaces, modern amenities, and an enticing coffee bar in our contemporary office space.
  6. You can access your belongings whenever it’s convenient for you You may also be surprised to learn that our safe storage in Brooklyn, NY is incredibly convenient to access during the timetable that jives with your schedule, not ours. With open hours seven days a week, you can stop in before work, during lunch, after work, on the weekend – or anywhere in between. Besides our convenient hours, we also make it easy to access your belongings with several drive-up units and multiple loading areas for quick drop-offs or pick-ups.

Are you pleasantly surprised to learn about all these benefits of our safe storage in Brooklyn, NY? Contact us or visit us to make us your storage partner today.