NYC is Back: Businesses Weighing Their Options

NYC After COVID-19 Delta Self Storage

Just in time for summer, NYC has begun slowly emerging from COVID-19 shutdowns with a hopeful determination to recapture the essence and culture that defines our great city. Restaurants, manufacturing and construction firms, offices, retailers, and other businesses are beginning to buzz once again – albeit with a different flavor than before. 

For businesses where employees must be on-site, social distancing and other safety protocols remain in effect to help reduce the virus’ spread. However, office-based companies have a few more options to consider. Instead of going back to a modified version of ‘business as usual,’ many have chosen to maintain the online “virtual” model and a heavily remote workforce they adopted in response to the shutdowns. As such, they’re grappling with questions about what to do with the physical office space and furnishings they no longer need for the foreseeable future.

Business storage opens the door to companies that are aggressively weighing their options. If your business is looking for a temporary solution – or a way to buy time until the future appears more certain – following are some of the benefits of business storage to consider:

  1. Feel less pressure to make long-term decisions

    If your company is considering a smaller footprint or different office setup to meet today’s virtual work trends, you may hesitate to commit to new office space when the road ahead remains unpredictable. Business storage offers the leeway to put off those decisions until it feels safer and wiser. With your office furniture, equipment, files, and other items in a secured, climate-controlled environment with 24-hour access, they’re safe until you need them again.

  2. Keep your future options open

    No one knows how long we’ll be living in our “new normal,” so flexibility is the key to keeping your options open. Business storage with month-to-month contracts offers the choice to continue or terminate the storage term every 30 days, making it easier to pivot again as needed.

  3. Save money

    If you’re holding onto a vacant or sparsely occupied office property because you’re not sure what to do with the office furniture and supplies inside, business storage can help. These affordable solutions provide a safe and secure space to store items not needed at the moment so that you can release yourself from the burden of a monthly rent or mortgage, if desired, for the time being.

  4. Qualify for a tax deduction

    When it comes to storing your office furniture, equipment, supplies, records, and other items, there’s a tax benefit to consider as well. The IRS will allow you to deduct qualifying rental expenditures for business storage units so long as it’s both “ordinary” (in that it’s common for your trade or business) and “necessary” (in that it’s helpful and appropriate). To learn more about deducting business expenses, check out IRS resources online, or talk to your company’s tax preparer.

  5. Enjoy peace of mind

    During these times, any sense of comfort is a welcome friend. A highly secure business storage unit can alleviate fears and provide reassurance that your valuable items are protected. Units with door alarms, state-of-the-art video surveillance, sensor-activated lighting, and a rigorous new applicant screening system are just a few of the hallmarks to look for in a business storage facility.

For many companies that are teetering back and forth on what to do next, business storage makes a lot of sense. Whether it’s needed for the short- or long-term, turn to a partner you can trust to be there for you during these delicate months ahead.

We are a local business storage provider with clean and modern facilities in Bayonne, Jersey City, and Brooklyn. As your neighbor and fellow business ready to move forward with cautious optimism, we’re here for you as we navigate this time together. Browse our available business storage units and reserve online. With 24-hour access and drive-up units available, it’s easy to access our facility with no or minimal contact with others.