Brooklyn Life: How to Declutter Your Home

Cluttered Brooklyn Home Apartment Organization

First, you moved out (ah, dorm life). Then, you moved in – or back in (let’s be honest: student loans don’t pay themselves). Then, you relocated for your first “real” job. And the one after that and possibly one more after that. Finally, you’re here in Brooklyn, where space is slim, but life is full.

With every move and opportunity, you’ve gradually shed pieces of your adolescence on this journey. But, there’s something you might not have shed: extra stuff.  Unless you’re a hardcore minimalist, clutter is inevitable. If it’s starting to drive you bananas, it’s time to declutter your home, so you can begin enjoying Brooklyn life in a whole new way.

Whether it’s new stuff or old stuff, here’s how to declutter your home in Brooklyn:

  1. Sort
  2. Organize
  3. Store
  4. Donate
  5. Toss

Keep reading to learn more about these hints for a clutter-free home you can be proud to show your parents – or your cat.


Full disclosure: we binge-watched Marie Kondo on Netflix too, twice. So, let’s follow her advice for getting started with your home decluttering project. Put all your stuff in a pile and go through each piece individually. Sort your belongings into the things you want to keep, donate, or toss. If Kondo’s joy-sparking decision-making approach to this process isn’t your jam, there are plenty of tools like the Sortly app and this millennial-minded handbook for creatives that can help you make some headway. Or – keep it simple and trust your gut.


Now, let’s deal with the keep pile as you declutter your home. You’ll want to establish some kind of organization system, so you don’t have to redo this process anytime soon (like, ever). But, you don’t have to break the bank on containers and organization supplies to get it done. Instead, repurpose things you already have lying around. For instance, use old iPhone boxes as drawer separators, binder clips as cord organizers, or kitchen canisters for bathroom toiletries and supplies.


For belongings that don’t have an obvious home in your apartment, store them nearby. Think furniture, camping gear, electronics, that old guitar, virtually anything. Our climate-controlled self-storage units in Brooklyn are in a clean and modern building you’ll love. They’re safe, affordable, and easily accessible seven days a week. We’re right on Bushwick Ave., so we’re easy to find too. Stop by for a quick coffee and check us out.


As for your donate pile, there are plenty of local organizations that love it when people declutter their homes. The NYC Stuff Exchange has an interactive directory that lets you search various categories of items to find donation centers. Some places will even pick up your stuff, like Big Reuse, Providence House, Recycle-A-Bicycle, and Out of the Closet Thrift Store. If you’re dropping off items, Reuse America and The Salvation Army on Broadway are a couple of neighbors here in Bushwick. There are plenty of other organizations where your stuff can do some good, so pick one that speaks to you.


As you declutter your home and come across things that are broken or otherwise unusable to you or others, look for Mother Earth-approved ways to discard them. Use this guide from GrowNYC to learn what you can recycle and how. DSNY also offers recycling curbside pickup service in Brooklyn for electronics, mattresses, and appliances. Or, check out SAFE Disposal Events for disposing of sensitive items like solvents, flammables, and electronics.

Declutter your home – it’s good for you!

We all know how satisfying it feels when you finish a project you’ve avoided for a while and getting rid of clutter is no different. Science tells us that when you declutter your home, it can actually boost confidence, increase energy, and reduce anxiety. Trust us – this project will be so worth it.

For more information about our self-storage units in Bushwick, Brooklyn, reach out to us. We have a three-story state-of-the-art facility with more than 1,000 climate-controlled units that we can’t wait to show you.