Moving into a New Apartment in Jersey City? Consider Self-Storage.

pile of boxes in a small apartment

Jersey City is a city of renters, with nearly three-quarters of the city’s residents living in rental properties. And like many renters, that means struggling to find a place to keep your stuff.

Maybe you’ve just downsized from a house to an apartment. Or maybe you’re a long-time apartment dweller who can’t afford to find a larger space.

Whatever the case, renting a Jersey City storage unit can make apartment living much easier.

1. You don’t have enough space

There are some advantages to living in an apartment compared to a house. You don’t have to worry about maintenance, and – assuming your lease affords some flexibility – you can move out whenever you’d like.

But one of the drawbacks of apartment life is the dearth of space. You might luck out and find an apartment with a lot of closets, or a building that provides storage space in the basement. Or, you might end up in a studio apartment or having to share your space with a few roommates.

With self-storage, you can free up space by removing items you don’t use all the time – holiday decorations, your old book collection – so you have more room for everyday objects.

2. You’re new in town

Your new apartment might just be temporary. Maybe you’ve just relocated for work, and your employer is putting you up in a new space until you find a permanent home.

You’ll need a place to keep everything that won’t fit in your apartment during this transitional period. You might even need a place to store your car. Renting a self-storage unit gives you a space to keep your clothes, appliances, and even your vehicle until you have a new home.

3. You’ve decided to downsize

You’ve been living in the same home for several decades, but now that your kids are grown, you don’t need as much space, so you move to an apartment.

But you still need some space, or at least time to figure out what you want to save and what you want to keep. A self-storage unit can make things easier, allowing you to cut down on clutter and enjoy your new home.

With that in mind, we’ve put together this list of some of the elements you should look for when seeking Jersey City storage.

1. Is it accessible?

Look for a storage facility that provides you with convenience: flexible hours of operation, easy loading/unloading through drive-up access or online account management.

2. Climate control

When you choose a Jersey City storage unit with climate control, you’re ensuring your items stay safe from extreme temperatures and humidity.

That’s important if you’re storing artwork, antiques, electronics, DVDs or CDs, photos, film or old VHS or cassette tapes, important documents and virtually any wood, metal or leather furniture. If you live somewhere that gets very hot or very cold, climate control should be a consideration.

And ask the operators what their climate control entails. It should include proper heating and air conditioning, not just a fan and ventilation.

3. Security

While locking the door to your storage unit is a good idea, a reliable storage center will go a few steps further in terms of securing your belongings. Look for video surveillance, door alarms and a screening system that asks potential renters to submit multiple forms of identification.

4. Cleanliness

Clean storage facilities tend to have clean storage units. Ask about the cleaning and maintenance schedule and inspect an empty unit before you move in.

5. One size doesn’t fit all

Your storage needs might differ from person to person, house to house. A good Jersey City storage facility will offer a variety of different sized units, letting you upgrade – or downgrade – depending on your needs.

And everything we’ve described here can be found at Delta Storage, which operates a facility here in Jersey City – along with sister outlets in Bayonne and Brooklyn.

From our climate-controlled units to top-notch security system, we make sure our renters always feel confident turning their belongings over to us. Contact us today to arrange a tour.