Why Does Dry Air Cause Damage To Valuables? Try Climate-Controlled Storage

Assorted antiques

You wake up one day in January and discover that one of the doors in your home doesn’t close properly. Or maybe you notice that your hardwood floors seem to creak more than usual.

That’s the effect dry air has on wood. It essentially saps all the moisture from wood, in some cases causing serious damage such as cracking or splitting. 

Dry air can do irreparable harm to things like wooden furniture and musical instruments and serves to underscore the need for climate controlled storage.  Climate control is essential if you’ll be storing items like the ones on this list.

Vintage Stamp Collection1. Collector’s items

If you have a stamp or collection you’ve been holding onto since grade school, or have somehow come into possession of a rare, valuable comic book, you’ll want to make sure they’re stored in a place that offers climate control.

Humidity and extreme temperature can tarnish coins, activate the glue on stamps and essentially turn the paper in comics back into pulp.

2. Furniture

As we said above, wooden furniture can crack when exposed to dry air. But it can also begin to rot when exposed to excess humidity. And it’s not just wooden furniture that’s in danger. Leather pieces can become mildewed and discolored after too long in a non-climate-controlled environment.

Group of appliances3. Appliances and electronics

If you need to store household appliances such as refrigerators, a climate-controlled storage unit will protect their electrical and mechanical parts from rusting or cracking in extreme heat or cold.

The same goes for electronics. Your old DVD players and video game systems contain several components that are at risk from extreme temperature and humidity. Parts can rust and wiring can break down, keeping you from ever using these devices again.

Antique Organ4. Musical instruments

Musical instruments are nothing if not intricately crafted. One little slip in the design process can leave you playing sour notes. For example:

  • The strings on a guitar might snap when exposed to high temperatures and humidity.
  • Dry air can crack and shrink the wooden sections on woodwind instruments.
  • Trumpets and other brass instruments are prone to corrosion and bacterial growth in humid environments.

It comes down to this: if you want your instruments to last, you should store them in a storage unit that offers climate control.

Antique photo album5. Photos

Almost everything we’ve mentioned here can be replaced. Photos are a different story. If you don’t have a digital copy of a picture, and that picture sustains damage from moisture, it’s lost to your forever.

Climate-controlled storage can help you protect paintings as well as photos. Just as humidity can damage photos, dry air can cause the frames around your paintings to warp (humid air, meanwhile, will damage the paint).

Important files documents6. Important paperwork

Do you work from home and need a place to keep important business-related documents? Make sure that place offers climate control, which will protect your papers from humidity.

If you’re concerned about the effect dry air or extreme humidity might have on your cherished or important items, turn to Delta Storage.

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