Five of the Most Unusual Items Found in Storage Units

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A car from a James Bond movie. A comic book stolen from Nicolas Cage. There are some other surprises on this list.

In our last blog post, we talked about the most common items you’ll find in storage units: photos, furniture, books, etc.

But there are also plenty of stories about people finding unusual items inside a self-storage facility. These are a few of the most interesting.

1. The James Bond car

We touched on this in our earlier blog post: In 1989, a man purchased the contents of a Long Island storage unit for less than $100.

When he looked inside, he found a beat-up white sports car. He drove home, with the car lashed to the bed of his truck, and began hearing from other drivers on his CB radio: the car he’d just purchased was one of the “submarine” cars from the 1977 James Bond movie The Spy Who Loved Me.

The movie used eight different versions of the car. One of them went missing after production ended, but how it wound up in a New York storage unit remains a mystery. In 2013, Tesla founder Elon Musk purchased the car for just under $1 million.

2. A celebrity chef’s stolen car

This next story begins with a scene that could be taken from a James Bond movie, or maybe Mission Impossible: In 2011, a thief used climbing gear to rappel down from the roof of a luxury car dealership in San Francisco in order to steal a $200,000  owned by celebrity chef Guy Fieri.

If that wasn’t weird enough, the car was eventually recovered a year later by police…investigating a different crime. Marin County deputies were searching for the suspect in a shooting and found the Lamborghini in a storage locker he’d rented.

3. A rocket from NASA

Old countdown clockIn 2011, the crew of Spike TV’s Auction Hunters opened a storage unit in Miami and found a rocket and a NASA countdown clock. The show’s hosts speculated that the find had something to do with the location of the storage facility, near Cape Canaveral.

4. Snakes

Ball pythonWe’ve written before about things that you shouldn’t try to keep in a storage unit, and that list includes plants and animals. It’s illegal, unkind and dangerous.

But that didn’t stop a California storage user from trying to house 42 ball pythons inside their unit. Sadly, less than half the snakes survived their stay, which ended when employees noticed something weird and called animal control.

Oddly enough, this isn’t the only “snakes-in-a-storage unit” story we found. In 2017, an animal control officer in North Carolina had to extricate an 11-foot python from a storage facility.

5. The first Superman comic

Actor Nicolas Cage is a big fan of Superman. He named his son “Kal-El,” (Superman’s name on his home planet) and owns a copy of Action Comics No. 1, which features Superman’s first appearance.

Or at least he did. In 2000, someone stole Cage’s copy from his home. Eleven years later, a man found the comic at a storage facility in the San Fernando Valley. It was returned to Cage, who later resold the comic at auction for $2.1 million.

Delta Storage Security

These stories all made the news because they were so unusual. In most cases, the world of self-storage is uneventful.

And that’s the way a storage facility should be: safe, reliable, no surprises. Delta Storage is proud to provide that type of storage experience to customers in Brooklyn, Bayonne and Jersey City.

We provide affordable, easy-to-access and secure storage units, whether you need to store furniture, electronics or your classic car or old comic book collection. Just no snakes, please.