Five of the Most Common Items Found in Storage Units

Full Storage Unit

In 1989, a contractor in New York bought the contents of a storage unit on Long Island, sight unseen.

Among the items inside the unit, a white sports car that was used in the James Bond movie The Spy Who Loved Me. The car was ultimately bought by Tesla founder/007 fan Elon Musk for close to $1 million.

We wish we could say there were items like these behind the doors of every storage unit, but in truth, most people tend to have the same storage needs.

In fact, you might find that their needs are a lot like yours. In this blog post, we’ll look at five of the most common items found in storage units, along with some tips on how to keep them in good condition when you store them.

1. Seasonal items

Christmas decorationsYour Christmas and Halloween decorations might be the envy of the block, but they can also take up more real estate in your home than you’re willing to spend.

That’s why you’ll often find holiday decorations and other seasonal items among the most common items found in storage units.

You can keep these items in good shape for next Christmas by:

  • Keeping boxes well-padded. You shred old gift wrap to use as a packing material.
  • Place the most fragile ornaments at the top of the box
  • Wrap holiday lights around paper tubes to keep them from getting tangled

And label everything, especially garlands and lights. This will keep you from having to measure each you, as you know what will fit where.

2. Artwork and antiques

Old oil paintingsMaybe it’s an heirloom that’s been part of your family for generations. Maybe it’s a painting that you did in college that you don’t feel like hanging but can’t bring yourself to throw away.

Whatever the case, artwork and antiques often find their way to storage units. Keep these valuable items safe by:

  • Wrapping antique furniture in blankets, sheets or bubble wrap
  • Have valuable items appraised and insured whenever possible
  • Keep artwork from direct contact with the ground. Put cardboard between paintings and wrap sculptures in sheets or blankets with padding

Finally, find a storage unit that offers climate control to prevent damage to these items.

3. Photos, magazines and newspapers

Shoebox of old photosThe things we featured in the previous section might be considered “valuable,” but fewer things are as priceless as old photos. The same holds true for your old magazine collections, or newspapers from important dates.

These are all delicate items that need proper storage:

  • Keep photos away from direct light and heat to avoid damage
  • Newspapers and some magazines are made from wood pulp that deteriorates rapidly. Keep these away from humidity and moisture.
  • Store photos, newspapers and magazines in acid-free containers.

Consider climate-controlled storage for an added level of protection for these items.

4. Electronics

Old electronicsYou can’t just throw old electronics away, and you can’t always find a convenient way to recycle them. And then there’s your old Xbox, which you might decide to play again…someday.

That’s why electronics are among the most common items found in storage units. Keep them in good condition by:

  • Keeping electronics in their original boxes – along with cords and other accessories.
  • Wrap each piece separately (computer, monitor, keyboard, etc.)
  • Keep boxes stuffed so they’ll remain sturdy

Finally, keep the parts of your electronics separate so you’re not mixing up power cords and other paraphernalia later on.

5. Furniture

Old furniture chairWhether it’s a handful of extra office chairs or your grandfather’s old recliner, storing furniture is a great solution for families or businesses trying to make more room at home.

If you need to store furniture, be sure to:

  • Disassemble larger pieces whenever possible
  • Add wax to wood furniture to preserve their finish
  • Keep furniture covered and use plastic bedding or wooden pallets under the furniture to prevent mold growth
  • Wrap lamps in cushioning material, with the shades and bulbs removed

Finally, keep sofas, chairs and dressers right side up – as you would at home – to prevent damage.

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