Do I Really Need a Climate Controlled Storage Unit?

Garage packed with boxes

You wake up one day and realize that you have more stuff in your house than places to keep it.

But you’re not in a hurry to host a yard sale or donate your belongings to a thrift store. There are too many things that you can’t bear to part with.

So you begin looking around for a residential storage unit. It seems like a win/win: you get to clear out your house without having to get rid of your stuff.

And when you find a storage company, you notice they offer climate controlled storage units. You think to yourself “Do I really need climate controlled storage?”

We’d argue that you do, at least if you’ll be storing the following items.

Stamp Collection1. Collector’s items

Your stamp collection. The rare coins you inherited from your grandfather. That copy of The Avengers signed by Stan Lee.

These are all things you’ll want to preserve for a long time, and a climate controlled storage unit can make sure that happens.

Extreme temperatures and humidity can tarnish coins, cause stamps to stick and turn your collection of pulp comic books into actual pulp.

2. Furniture

Both wood and leather furniture can benefit from being stored in climate controlled storage units. Too much moisture can cause wood to rot, warp or crack over time, while leather can become discolored and mildewed in a non-climate controlled environment.

Home Appliances3. Appliances

If you’re planning on storing household appliances such as microwaves or refrigerators, temperature controlled storage units can keep their electronic/mechanical components from becoming cracked or rusty due to extreme heat or cold.

4. Electronics

Whether it’s an old video game system, a DVD player or recording equipment, electronics contain many components that are at risk in a non-climate controlled environment.

Drastic changes in temperature and extreme humidity can lead to rust and cause wiring to break completely. If you’re planning on reusing your electronics in the future, choose a climate controlled storage unit.

Antique Piano5. Musical instruments

Consider a piano and its intricate construction. All those keys, all those strings, all those glued joints, all at the mercy of humidity and corrosion.

The same thing applies to virtually any kind of instrument:

  • String instruments such as guitars are susceptible to humidity and high temperatures, which can cause strings to snap.
  • The wooden sections of woodwind instruments can shrink and crack in environments that are too dry.
  • Brass instruments such as trumpets are in danger from corrosion and bacteria growth in environments that are too humid.

The bottom line: if you want your musical instruments to stay in tune, seek out climate controlled storage units.

Old Paintings6. Photos and artwork

Except for some of the collector’s items at the start of this list, nearly everything else we’ve mentioned can be replaced.

But your old photos are a different story. Lose a photo taken in the pre-digital age to moisture damage, and it’s gone forever.

Artwork such as paintings should also be stored in climate controlled storage units. Dry air can cause frames to warp and crack, while humidity can damage the paint itself.

7. Important documents

Maybe you’re having storage issues at work as well as at home and decide to rent some storage space for your business documents. Climate controlled storage units can help protect your important paperwork from humidity.

Climate Controlled Storage UnitDo you need to protect any of the things on this list? Delta Storage can help. We offer climate-controlled storage units of all sizes, whether it’s a small locker for items that no longer fit at home or a larger space to store your business records.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you preserve and protect your valuables.