How to Organize Your Space When You’re Working from Home

Home Office

You get to work, but it’s hard to actually get any work done. You’re frazzled from a long commute – and you still have that trip home to look forward to – your phone won’t stop ringing, and the person in the next cubicle won’t stop talking.

“This would all be so much easier,” you think to yourself, “if I could work from home.”

Think again. People who have worked from home will tell you that it’s something that only comes together with discipline and organization.

After all, there are just as many – if not more – distractions at home as there are at the office. It’s time to buckle down, find some residential storage space to clear things away, and organize your home office. Here’s how to get started.

Messy and cluttered home office desk1. What don’t you need?

Go through all of your paperwork and home office supplies to separate the things you need from the things that are just taking up space.

It’s ok to decorate your desk at home with the type of things you’d have at the office (some photos, a houseplant). But by keeping clutter to a minimum, you’ll have an easier time focusing on work.

Home office in kitchen distracted2. Find your workspace

If you already have a home office – or a spare room you can turn into a home office – this part is easy. If not, look around your house for the appropriate spot. It shouldn’t be in a busy area – trying to work in your kitchen might be tough – nor should it be in a space that’s cluttered.

3. Organizing with vertical space

Residential storage can be hard to come by, so don’t forget to use the space on your walls. It puts things out of the way while still making them easy to each. You can hang a pegboard to keep supplies like scissors and calendar reminders, use wall-mounted magazine holders to keep files and hang a shoe-organizer to store stationary.

4. Night workingHave set “office hours”

Working from home offers the temptation to be a little more flexible with your work schedule. But that can backfire. You decide to do some work, take care of laundry or run some errands and pretty soon what should have been an eight-hour day stretches over 12 hours, leaving you feeling scattered. By setting a deadline for yourself to be done work each day, you’ll feel better and more focused.

5. Find the best time to work

At the same time, having set work hours doesn’t have to mean working from 9 to 5. As long as your boss is OK with it, you can adjust your schedule for the hours where you work the best. You might find that you’re at your most productive and creative during the evening.

6. Clean DeskClean your desk every day

When your day is done, clean off your desk. File away important paperwork and shred/recycle what you don’t need. Wipe down your desk and wash your coffee cup/water bottle. Sure, it’s an extra bit of work at the end of a long day, but it will leave you feeling energized when you start your next shift.

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