Combining Your Stuff: Living with a Roommate or Significant Other | Affordable Storage Options

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Since it premiered on Broadway more than 50 years ago, Neil Simon’s The Odd Couple has been adapted into a movie, three sitcoms and a short-lived cartoon series. There’s apparently something very relatable to the story of two mismatched people living together.

But even if you aren’t an odd couple-type couple, living together can be tough.

If you’ve just moved in with your significant other – or have a roommate for the first time – you might feel overwhelmed.

That’s normal. But it’s not something you can’t overcome. From divvying up chores to combining your things to finding affordable storage, here are a few ways you can survive living together.

Chores and bills

Chores listFiguring out who does what chores can be tough, particularly if you and your spouse/partner/roommate really do have the messy/neat Odd Couple dynamic.

But no one should have to carry the entire burden of cleaning your new place. Look for a division of labor that works for you both. For example, you do most of the cleaning, but they’re responsible for cooking, loading the washer and taking out the trash.

If one of you is better at keeping on top of bills, put them in charge of making sure things like rent, utilities, and cable get paid for every month (with the other person kicking in their fair share, of course).

You may also want to set up a household fund for shared items such as detergent or paper towels so that one of you can simply buy these things when you need them without wondering whose turn it is or having to bug each other for money.

Combining your things

Antique style chair and Modern style chairYou’ve decided to combine two homes, both of you bringing everything you own into what is likely the same amount of space. You can’t hang onto everything, so it’s time to decide what stays and what goes.

Start by choosing the things that you absolutely must keep. These are treasured items, the type of things you’d rush in to save if the house caught on fire.

From there, focus on the things that you both have that you only need one of: sofas, small kitchen appliances and – for couples in a relationship – a bed.

If you can’t agree on which items to keep, you should first consider how much space you have. A couple might want to bring a bigger bed home with them but look at how much space it takes up before you haul it to the new place.

Old ripped sofaThen ask yourself “Is this in good enough condition?” The sofa you found on a sidewalk five years ago might be super-comfortable, but it might also be too beat up to survive another move.

You’ll both need to make compromises. You might find that you can reupholster a piece of furniture or repaint a table so that it fits both your tastes. Or you may have to bite the bullet and shop for a few new pieces that you both enjoy.

Too much stuff? It’s time to seek out affordable storage

Delta self Storage FacilityMaybe you’ve lucked out and found a new place that has enough room for everyone’s stuff. If so, congratulations. If not, a self-storage unit might be your answer.

A good self-storage center will offer you a range of storage unit sizes, allowing you to store everything from your old record collection to the couch your girlfriend refused to allow past your doorstep.

And with climate controlled storage, you can ensure that you protect your valuable, beloved items from extreme temperatures and humidity.

If you’re looking for high-quality, affordable storage in and around Brooklyn, Jersey City or Bayonne, turn to Delta Storage.

Whether you’re in the process of moving or need an easy-to-access place to keep seasonal items, we’re here to help. Contact us today to find out more about our storage unit options, rental rates, and customer-friendly monthly rental terms. And congratulations on the new place.