Generation Clutter: Why Millennials Need Self Storage

There was a time when it seemed like you couldn’t go online without seeing a news story about how millennials were “killing” some cherished American industry.

Casual dining places like Applebee’s. Cereal. Napkins. Banks. Homeownership.

But here’s one thing millennials aren’t killing: the storage industry. This is a generation of people who are searching for affordable storage to keep their stuff. Here’s why:

1. They may be the “most cluttered” generation

Cluttered homeA survey in 2016 found that most millennials – which we’ll define as people born from the early 1980s to the early 2000s – consider their homes cluttered.

SpareFoot, an Austin-based storage company that conducted the survey, says this could be because millennials have lived much of their lives as part of an “on-demand” economy that lets them access goods with greater ease.

And they’re spending more time commuting and working and less time at home, meaning they have less time to declutter. That doesn’t mean they enjoy clutter, mind you. We’ll get to that point a bit later.

2. They’re living in smaller spaces

Small studio apartmentWhy are millennials seeking affordable storage facilities? Because even if they aren’t buying things with reckless abandon, they’re living in smaller spaces.

Maybe it’s that they’re wary of owning a home and decided to rent instead. Or maybe they’re still living with their parents or have chosen to buy a smaller home than they would have if they’d been born 15 years earlier.

Whatever the case, tighter living quarters often translates to the need for affordable storage facilities.

3. They may be cluttered…but they want to declutter

Earlier this year, the moving company Mayflower surveyed its customers and found that millennials are less likely than Gen-Xers – people born from the mid-1960s to 1980 – or Baby Boomers – those born during the period after World War II to the mid-1960s – to hold on to family heirlooms.

It’s nothing against their families. Many of them find ways to refurbish or repurpose old heirlooms, the survey says.

It’s more about a drive – one that’s becoming more and more common across the generations.

More millennials consider themselves to be minimalists than the other generations, yet they say they perform decluttering less often than their older counterparts.

“Half of Americans embark on a decluttering process to relieve stress,” Mayflower writes on its website” “They actually want to declutter; minimalist life thus becomes more appealing to them. The motivation to declutter varies, but the results are universal.”

Half of all people surveyed said decluttering made their homes feel more relaxed, while more than 60 percent said it made their homes feel cleaner.

In fact, the idea of decluttering is so attractive than nearly 25 percent of the people Mayflower surveyed said they’d consider moving just to have an excuse to rid themselves of unneeded stuff.

But that’s a pretty drastic measure. Moving is stressful and expensive. Self-storage is simple and affordable, and Delta Self Storage offers a range of affordable storage options.

Contact us today to learn more about our state-of-the-art storage facilities. We’re confident we have something that meets your needs, no matter which generation you come from.