Why Self Storage is Good for the Planet

eco friendly storage solutions

There are a lot of little things we can do to help the planet.

Choosing to walk over driving. Bringing your own reusable bags to the grocery store. Cutting down on electricity, and recycling – or not even using – plastic bottles.

The same thing is true when it comes to self storage.

Even the simple of act of renting a self storage unit is good for the environment: you’ve chosen to invest in a place to keep your goods as opposed to just sending them off to a landfill.

Here are a few simple ways you can make sure you go green when you decide to go with self storage:

reducing tape use is an eco friendly storage solution1. Cut back on tape

It takes a lot of resources to make a roll of tape, and a lot of tape to seal up a box. Instead of using tape, consider investing in reusable plastic ties to secure things when possible. You can still use tape when necessary, but reducing the amount you use will lead to a greener approach to storage. Or use reusable totes for moving, transporting and storing your goods.

2. Look for a well-insulated storage facility

Like we said above, keeping your goods in a storage unit is better than throwing them away, but you should make sure you’ve chosen a well-insulated, climate-controlled storage facility to protect your items from extreme temperatures.  Also, choose a storage center that is green-friendly. Storage centers that are concerned about the environment are often built with extra energy efficient features such as passive building techniques, solar energy, and top-rated efficiency mechanical equipment.

3. Picking the right packing material

Biodegradable packing peanuts in a cardboard box

There was a time when Styrofoam peanuts were everyone’s go-to material for packing up boxes. If you’re interested in a more environmentally-friendly solution, we’d recommend using “recycled” newsprint paper, paper towels, or packing peanuts made from recycled or biodegradable materials.

And when the time comes to remove your items from storage, try to recycle your packing materials. Send them to a recycling center or give your boxes to someone you know who’s planning a move.

4. Find some recycled pallets

Save a few trees by getting some used pallets from local businesses. They’re completely recyclable and renewable, and you can use them to stack items in your storage unit.

5. Choose sturdy containers

Man with smiling box over his head

Unless you have something that positively must be kept safe from moisture, always try to use cardboard boxes instead of plastic containers. Make sure you use heavy duty cardboard fashioned from recycled materials. Weak cardboard can deteriorate and leave your goods at risk for damage.

6. “Bright & Clean” is also GREEN!

Bright and clean storage units

Storage Centers that are bright & clean also often means that they are Green.  Those shiny floors not only look great and are clean-looking, but those floors are designed to create less light absorption and reflect the interior lighting back into the hallways, units, and common areas. Also, bright often means new energy-efficient LED lighting that consumes less energy than traditional light fixtures. With those shiny floors, you need fewer light fixtures to “light up” the space.

7. One truckload will do just fine, thanks!

When moving your goods, rent the small truck at your local storage center and move everything at once.  It saves on multiple trips using your own car, and thus reduces the carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

8. Rent a Storage Unit in Your Neighborhood, NOT a Delivery Container or Crate Service

Storage facility in your neighborhoodImagine driving 50 MILES or MORE to get your goods! That what happens when you get pick-up and delivery container services.  Vans and trucks are on the road all day picking-up and dropping-off containers – what a mess!  All those vans and trucks create more and more traffic and those containers are often going tens of miles away to be stored in some far away warehouse.  All that driving creates a ton of carbon emissions, and for what – a pair of skis?  Instead, walk on over to your neighborhood storage center to pick up your skis in person, and help save the planet!  You’ll feel great from the walk, and you’ll feel even better that it was a zero-emissions trip!

How can I tell if I’ve chosen a “green” storage unit?

You’ve taken steps to make sure you’ve packed your things in an eco-friendly manner, but how can you tell if the storage facility you’ve chosen is green as well? You can start by looking for things such as:

  • green energyGreen energy –Does the storage facility use things like solar energy to power it’s building?
  • Passive design – This type of design leads to a building that’s self-contained in order to minimize energy consumption.
  • Green building materials –Is the facility made from materials like concrete and metal (as opposed to wood)?

Delta Self Storage has embraced all these features in an effort to offer environmentally friendly storage solutions to its customers.

Whether you’re storing things for your home or business, we offer a secure, clean and green place to keep your most important things. Contact us today to learn more.