What to Look for in a Storage Unit

You wake up one day and realize you have way too much stuff. And it’s not all stuff you can sell or discard or give away.

Some of it’s important, and some of it has value, whether it’s financial or sentimental. And so, you decide to put some things into storage.

But how do you decide which secure self-storage center to choose? Like any undertaking, it starts with doing some research.

Cast a wide net with your search. The storage center closest to your home might not be the best. Check out reviews on sites like Yelp or Google. These can give you some insight into problems you’ll want to avoid, or into the things other customers value about a particular storage facility.

Visit a few different locations, and, look at these factors:

  1. Accessibility

This is a hallmark of good storage facilities and something that should be at the top of mind when you’re choosing a self-storage provider.

Do you plan to access your unit at all hours and on weekends, or just during the workday? Not every facility offers 24/7 access, so choose accordingly.

Look for a facility that offers convenience, whether that means drive-up access for easy loading/unloading or online account management.

  1. Climate control

By picking a storage facility that offers climate control, you’re protecting your belongings from extreme heat, humidity and cold, as well as from pests.

Climate controlled storage is great for anything you want to store, particularly things like:

  • Antiques
  • Artwork
  • Furniture made from wood, metal or leather
  • Important papers
  • Electronics
  • DVDs, CDs or old VHS/cassette tapes
  • Photos and film
  • Musical instruments

If you live somewhere that’s subject to extreme temperatures, climate control should definitely be on your list of things to consider in a storage unit.

But be sure to ask the facility how they define “climate control.” Ideally, it should involve proper heating and air conditioning. Some storage companies offer climate-controlled units that have little more than a fan and an air vent.

  1. Cleanliness

The cleanliness of the individual units will tell you a lot about the overall quality of the facility. Make sure the facility has a regular cleaning/maintenance schedule, and ask to see an empty storage unit before you move in.

Look at the front office. A clean, well-kept office is a sign that the employees care about their surroundings and will treat your possessions with the same care.

  1. Security

Locking the door to your storage unit is a wise precaution, but a good storage facility should take security seriously by adding measures such as door alarms, video surveillance and a screening system that requires renters to present multiple forms of ID.

  1. A variety of units

Not everyone needs the same level of storage, so look for a storage facility that has a range of different unit sizes. This way you can upgrade to a bigger or smaller unit as your needs change.

All of the things we’ve described above can be found at Delta Storage, which operates facilities in Bayonne, Jersey City and – starting later this year – Brooklyn.

From our clean, well-lit hallways to our climate-controlled storage units to our high-tech security system, we make it our mission to ensure our customers feel confident about entrusting their things to us.

Contact us today to learn how our secure self-storage facility can help protect your valuables.