What Size Storage Unit Do I Need?

Like a lot of things, storage units come in all shapes and sizes, designed to meet a variety of needs. Some can hold the contents of a single room, while other storage unit sizes offer enough space to accommodate the contents of an entire home.

That’s why we’ve put together this storage unit size guide, to help you determine how much space you might need for your things.

  1. Mini

These units are 20 square feet and are ideal for people who only need to store a few items. Think of this space like a walk-in closet, where you can keep things like golf clubs, skis, seasonal items like Christmas decorations, or clothing.

  1. Small

These 50-square foot units give you enough room to store everything that you would keep in an office or bedroom. Use it to store a couch and a chair, a chest of drawers or a mattress set.

If you’re remodeling your office or one of your rooms and need a place to keep your things in the meantime, this storage unit offers you the perfect solution.

  1. Medium

Do you need a place to store your stuff while you’re between homes or apartments? This 100-square foot unit is made with you in mind, offering you enough room to hold the furniture from a one-bedroom apartment, minus appliances and other miscellaneous items.

  1. Large

With this 150-square foot storage space, you’ll have enough room to keep all the furniture from a two-bedroom house, as well as appliances, cartons and other miscellaneous items.

  1. Extra Large

Anything you can fit into a 40-foot moving van can go in this 200-square foot storage unit, designed to hold furniture from a three-bedroom home along with miscellaneous items and cartons.

  1. Giant

Perfect for commercial or business storage needs, these storage units offer 600-square feet of space, enough to hold all the furniture and appliances in a larger home.

What if I want to store my car?

Self-storage units aren’t just meant for furniture and appliances. We offer three sizes of vehicle storage spaces at our Bayonne, NJ location, allowing you or your company to park and access your vehicles with safety and convenience:

  • Small space – 10 feet by 20 feet
  • Medium space – 12 feet by 30 feet
  • Large space – 13 feet by 85 feet

To rent vehicle space, customers need to produce their insurance certificate, registration and vehicle title, and have a vehicle that is in driving condition.

Not sure what size storage unit sizes are right for you? Delta Storage can help.

We recommend anyone considering renting a storage unit browse our online storage unit size guide, or just pay us a visit, so we can offer a tour and assess your needs. Contact us today to get started.